Google Analytics issue when switching to Live


Google Analytics issue when switching to Live

Hey there.


I've been using Visa Checkout from api-keys generated from the Gateway/Merchant service Authorize.Net. 


When using a sandbox API-Key for the Visa Checkout lightbox, I experienced no issues.


However, when I switch the image, and javascript links over to production versions, aswell as a live API-Key, we have experienced some errors and warnings from the console view of the browser when loading the Visa Checkout button. 

When the errors are rendered, we lose support for accepting Mastercard or Discover creditcards from the Visa Checkout lightbox. 


Even loading the button on a empty html page, the error persists. 



Firefox Console error:

Firefox Analytics Error.png


Chrome Analytics error:

Google Analytics Error.png


I'm not sure how to proceed from here. 

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Google Analytics issue when switching to Live

Hey @gtillky ,


I'm happy to help with your Visa Checkout issue. There's been some recent changes and the Visa Checkout team no longer accepts direct merchant. Hence, please work with a partner to integrate Visa Checkout into your project.


Here's the list of Partners to integrate with Visa Checkout: 




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Re: Google Analytics issue when switching to Live

Hello Diana


Would Authorize.Net as a payment gateway provider be classified as a direct merchant?


I am just confused because we are still able to process orders using the Visa Checkout Lightbox, just with limited card brands available. I would figure if Visa Checkout no longer accepts direct merchant, it would not be able to process any order.