Interchange Fees in EU and UK


Interchange Fees in EU and UK

Hi, we are a mobile PSP company.
In EU maximum interchange fees for Debit Card are 0.2% and for Credit Card 0.3%.

Is it a maximum all-in fee a business will be changed or what actually can be charged to a merchant account for example a fixed fee (earnings for issuer)


Example: If a 1$ transaction is done, is 0.2% maximum fee? - most of the precessing companies charge 1 to 5 cents per transaction, therefore making this particular transaction a negative income for issuer.

Does that 0.2% resp. 0.3% already include visa network fees?

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Interchange Fees in EU and UK

Hello goat,


Because we are an open platform, there is no cost to you to develop your application using any of the APIs in the sandbox. When you are ready to transition to production use of the APIs, there are fees for each of the APIs that are used. Fees are evaluated by application, as they are a function of many elements, including the nature of your application and your relationship with any existing Visa partner(s). We treat production applications on a case-by-case basis and work with you to determine appropriate pricing.





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