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ATM Locator

Dear Visa developers,


I am new in developing visa api. I am trying to build API for the near around ATM location. However, I am confused some steps.


I got connection with sandbox api and successful tested with Visa test data for the following link by SoapUI,


What shall I suppose to do next step onward ?  


Shall I need to test sample code which download from developer account ? If yes, how can I run it ?



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Re: ATM Locator

Hey there @KyawZin,
The Sample Code for Global ATM Locator allows you to download a 'hello world' project so that you can understand how to make a successful API call using the programming language of your choice. However, if you have already finished sandbox testing with the Global ATM Locator then afterwards I would say the next step would be to complete the Go Live process so that you can promote your project into Production.


To promote your project into Production, please do the following:
1. Log in to the Developer Portal
2. Click on Create New Project
3. Specify Project Name and Project Description
4. Select the APIs you are interested to use in your project.
5. Select Generate a CSR for me (default) or Submit my own CSR
2. In the menu on the left side of the project page, click “Going Live.”
3. Provide the information requested in the Going Live form, then complete the “Going Live Request Form.”
4. Click “Submit.”
Once you are finished, your information will be reviewed by our teams and your project will either be enabled or disabled based on the results of the investigation. You should also know that, completing this form doesn't guarantee production access will be granted for you. All requests to be taken into production are required to have valid Business information to be submitted in the Going Live Request. If you don't use valid information then the form can return an error when completing the form to request Production access.
How to create a project -  
Going Live With Visa Developer Project -




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Re: ATM Locator

thanks, I was also looking for it. It worked.




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