Forex API Wrong Values in Response

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Forex API Wrong Values in Response

Hi folks,


I was just trying out the Forex API and I reached the Sandbox test  section in the documentation. I tried a very basic JSON payload request to convert USD to INR:

"destinationCurrencyCode": "INR",
"sourceAmount": "1",
"sourceCurrencyCode": "USD"


and to my surprise I got the following response:

"conversionRate": "64.44000",
"destinationAmount": "64.44"


Well the current prevailing rate is hovering around 1USD = 74 INR


So I didn't go ahead to ADD API as the data didn't seem convincing.


Did I do anything wrong in my request?


Thanks in advance!


- Nitin


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Re: Forex API Wrong Values in Response

Hey @NitinN,


I'm happy to answer this question. Foreign Exchange Rates API in Sandbox provides simulated data and it doesn't provide real-time data. In production, you'll be able to work with real data. The rate you get in production will be correct. Please let us know if we can help answer any other questions you have.



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