Payment Account Validation API

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Payment Account Validation API

Hi, I'm new to VISA Developer Center. I am confused on how to test Payment Account Validation API and call it from my python program. I tried running it in SoapUI, but i get error 2001: JSON String was not well formed. I am confused on how to proceed and what are the steps to get it running. I need to just make a post request using the Payment Account Validation API from my python program and print success or approved as  aresponse. The sample code under dashboard is confusing and I was not able to fix any issue. Please help!



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Re: Payment Account Validation API



Thanks for your inquiry. Please refer to the below link to test two way authentication using SOAP UI for hello world request.


Once you are successful with that, you can execute PAAI request from SOAP UI in Sandbox.


For PAAI endpoint, sample request , please refer to the below link.


Test data is available to you in your VDP Project --> Test Data tab.


Reg., Python sample code, kindly look into the readme file to correctly substitute the used id, password and certificates from VDP Project dashboard. Please post the sample code here if you still face issues, so we can take a look.


Let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you !