Provide us the Sample Code for JWS creation?

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Provide us the Sample Code for JWS creation?

I have created the JWE (Json Web Encryption), now need to generate the JWS(Json Web Signature).

Can you please provide the steps how to generate the JWS?

In my request i am going to call the NHPP profiles, if it will be needed the any public keys to create JWS or not.

If possible, share us the sample code to generate the JWS. Thanks

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Re: Provide us the Sample Code for JWS creation?

Hey @SheldonCooper1,


Can you please confirm the API product that your question is referring to?  Also, can you please let us know your email address so that we can see if you are registered with us? We think that your question relates to the Visa Token Service (VTS) API. If that's the case, VTS content access is restricted so if you are not currently registered on the Visa Developer Portal then I will need to send you a questionnaire for you to fill out.



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