Transactions query with Realtime Change

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Transactions query with Realtime Change

Hi team,


I am working with a company where we are aiming to make an easy money transfer solution for the country in Africa (like Nigeria, Ghana), based what I have understood so far from the API (especially the ios SDK) there's a p2p mechanism, but what I still didn't see or find is the possibility to see the query the user balance or further to have a realtime update callback when the user balance change. so my question is, does Visa provide such a mechanism? The last question, Does visa offer API (preferably mobile SDK) to query user past transactions?



Kevin J. Hodge

Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Transactions query with Realtime Change

Hi @caeltmp,

Visa Transaction Controls (VTC) offers capabilities such as transaction alerts and real-time balance information.
Please check out the link below and see if VTC fits your use case.




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