Query regarding API usages

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Query regarding API usages

I am working on an android app which is for kind of investment purpose

That means, user will invest money in that app for a certain amount of time, and when the period is over, we will give that money back.

So it means that this involves c2b transaction (for investment) and b2c transaction (for withdrawal).

So I want to know that is it even possible to do so with visa API, because in the documentation, I don't see any verification process, like otp or something, so how is c2b transaction possible without verification.

Am I missing something? Is Visa an optimal choice for this scenario or should I opt for a payment gateway like stripe etc?

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Re: Query regarding API usages

Thank you for reaching out, @awais1212! An agent is looking for a solution for you and will get back with you shortly! If any community members know a solution, please feel free to respond in this thread.

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Re: Query regarding API usages

Hi @awais1212,


Please Browse all Product Documentation and choose an API product that best fits your use case: https://developer.visa.com/apibrowser



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