Removing shipping address from payment screen

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Removing shipping address from payment screen


I am using visa checkout API for android application. In API Payment screen, It contain card details and billing address. As per my application functionality, there is not need to use billing address. Is there any possible way to remove billing address from screen? Its better if you can provide solution on this.

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Re: Removing shipping address from payment screen

Hi kinjal, 


Visa Checkout can be configured to not collect shpping information from the consumer, but billing address is manadatory because Visa Checkout needs the billing address to do a $1 auth for each card consumer entered. With out the billling address, we will not be able to validate the card. 


The encrypted payload that we return to merchant includes both card number and billing address, but it is up to the merchant if they want to display any of this data on their order review page. 


I hope this helps!


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Re: Removing shipping address from payment screen

For shipping one can make use of USPS. As the adress changing process in USPS is pretty easy and they also charge very less for it, Once can go with it. Now all USPS employees can make use of Liteblue portal to get all benifits.