Re: Visa Checkout Lightbox issue on mobile

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Visa Checkout Lightbox issue on mobile

Hi guys,

I'm a developer and I'm doing to integrate the VISA CHECKOUT into my site.
But I have a problem while I'm trying to open lightbox visa checkout on mobile.
- The visa checkout lightbox displayed in a new browser window
- I've tried to research in documentation and community forum but I can't get any result.
So could you help an idea or lead me to a guideline to make the visa lightbox display on the main screen(working like the desktop).
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks so much!!
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Re: Visa Checkout Lightbox issue on mobile



Thanks for asking your question. Without knowing which OS that you are developing for will make it hard to make a diagnosis.  A suggestion would be that because the Checkout lightbox normally opens in a frame, it could be that on some mobile browsers and some mobile devices it might be interpreted as a new browser window.  


Please see the Visa Checkout documentation here -


Thank you,





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