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Visa Tap to Pay Android


I am trying to integrate Visa Tap to Phone for a Android mobile app. I'm getting stuck on figuring out how the Visa Contactless Kernel SDK for TTP is supposed to be implemented. The sample testTTP app is working but I don't understand how to start testing or modifying it. My questions are:


1. How do I tell if the card is scanned?

2. What API's / SDK's does a complete solution require? Is their more than the Visa Contactless Kernel SDK that I need?

3. Is their more sample code that I can look at to understand how Tap to Phone works, or an example of an app that I can look at?


Anything that helps me get started integrating Tap To Phone in an Android app would be appreciated.



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Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Visa Tap to Pay Android

Hi @leducSoftpoint,


Please navigate to Visa Partner for details on the Tap to Pay and Tap to Phone programs, or you can contact them directly at visaready@visa.com.



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