What is flow of Visa Checkout in PHP

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What is flow of Visa Checkout in PHP


I am little confuse with Visa Checkout PHP API. like I place the Visa Checkout button on my website also upload PHP library on my server.  now when I click on Visa Checkout button and varify my login thnigs JS return some data.


now what next? mean which method of PHP libray can be used to completed the payment process?

please help.


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Re: What is flow of Visa Checkout in PHP

Hello @rajinder4981


If you wish to integrate with Visa Checkout, please follow the integration guides below.



You can use the PHP sample code from your project dashboard. Log in to your project dashboard and click on the "Sample Code" on the left tab and you will see various options of sample codes that are available. 


Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 


Thank you, 


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Re: What is flow of Visa Checkout in PHP

thanks for you reply,

I have already check the link which you gave me. but this page don't have full information. As per my understanding we need to add javascript code in the web pages and when user will click on Visa checkout page a popup will appear then user varify and payment the we got data in encoded form. but payment is not fully processed yet


now we need to varify the encoded data with the help of PHP but this step is not mention in gived link. Also that link doesn't clear the picture.

I have to say documentation is not upto that level.

there is lots of missing information in that link.

also I have a other question:  does Visa Checkout required two way SSL?


please help