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CVV service down

We are getting production errors while generating CVV it is returning {"receivedTimestamp":"2020-04-02 16:16:06.409","processingTimeinMs":150,"status":500,"errors":["Unexpected error occurred calling  message: json string is blank."]} as response

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Re: CVV service down

Hey @jitendra,


Are you in the production environment? If so, please send an email to and we will provide you with a team of specialists to assist you. You can also communicate with us using this community forum channel, as well. If the issue persists, please provide the following information:

1. Endpoint
2. Request Header
3. Request Body
4. Response Header (include the x-correlation-id)
5. Response Body

Using SoapUI, you can find the x-correlation-id in the Raw Tab of the response header.


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