Re: MLE renewal status is still "pending"


MLE renewal status is still "pending"

hi there, i submitted my CSR for our MLE key pair over 9 business days ago. the status of the process is still sitting on pending and the expiry data for our current certs is fast approaching

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Re: MLE renewal status is still "pending"

Hi, @techadmin! Thank you for reaching out. An agent is looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Re: MLE renewal status is still "pending"

hello Jenn_Kh


how you doing ? do you guys have any idea why Visa are taking this long to upload our MLE certs ? 

its coming on 13 business days now. 

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Re: MLE renewal status is still "pending"

Hi @techadmin,


What environment are you in? If you're in the Certification or Production environment, please send an email to Developer Support at and provide your project name. Make sure to email Developer Support using your email ID that you use to login to your Visa Developer Portal account or provide them with your email ID. Let them know your certificates are expiring soon and you need them to help you. 


If you're in the Sandbox environment, you can refer to the Quick Guide for Developers here: or refer to these steps.

Certificate Expiration

For all Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) projects, inbound credentials have an expiration date. Once it is about to expire,  you can request a new set of credentials by navigating to the "Credentials" screen in your dashboard and selecting "Generate New Credentials". At this point you'll be guided through the workflow to request a certificate. You can have Visa Developer generate a CSR for you (default) or submit your own CSR. Refer to the Create a Project section for details. Once the new credentials are generated, you will see two set of credentials in you dashboard. Credentials include certificate, user Id and password. You must use the complete credential set in order to proceed with the next steps.

Note: Old credentials will continue to work till the expiration date. After the expiration date, it will not show up in the dashboard and will stop working. 



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