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API key

Dear Sirs!
In your "Getting Started with Visa Developer" says "Use the following (replace the value of API key query string parameter with the actual API key that you received from the Visa Developer Center)."
But in my Dashboard I do not see any "API key". I only see the "User ID" and "Password".
Please explain how can I get it "API key"?

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Re: API key

Hi there,


You have to generate the API key.


Please take a look at Test App Creation in the Getting Started Guide:


  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. Click on Create a new application.

  3. Specify Application Name and Application Description (Note: This can be maximum 1000 characters).

  4. Select the APIs you are interested to use in your app.

    Note: For some APIs, you may have additional Agreements (Terms and Conditions).

    1. Depending on the APIs you select, submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR):
    2. Generate a CSR for me (default)
    • Submit my own CSR


Once your app is created, you can use the following options:

  • Keys/APIs to access your API credentials.


Hope this helps!




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