Add new project - unexpected error

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Add new project - unexpected error


I'm encountering the similar issue of

my correlation id is 1609948040_436_78_l55p057m_VDP_ARM


i tried both submit my own CSR and generate private key (1609948192_101_93_l55p055m_VDP_ARM) both encountering "We encountered an unexpected error. Please try again." with http rc of 500 at


Looking forward to your reply.

Visa Dev Moderator
Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Add new project - unexpected error

Hi @pyisoeyz,

Please clear your browser cache and cookies first, then retry. It should resolve the issue. If it doesn't work, please let us know which API you are trying to add to your new project. If you can share a screenshot of the error, that would be very helpful. Thanks.


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