How I know my transaction details


How I know my transaction details

Hello Visa Team,


I did all the integration steps in the

1- I added the Visa Checkout button

2- and I decrypted the consumer information payload

3- and I Updated Visa Checkout with this URL :{Callid}?apikey={apikey}&encryptionKey...}


and everything is run correctly and no issues and I get 200 response 


My question is where the payment itself transaction details like "Auth code" and payment Id because I need it to update my database after paying.



Mohamed Adam

Community Moderator

Re: How I know my transaction details

Hello @adamlee , 


Visa Checkout team does not accept direct merchant. You will need to work with a partner in order to integrate Visa Checkout into your project.  


You can find the list of Partners here: Partners to integrate with Visa Checkout: 


Please note, partners handle integrations on their end and will be able to help you with any technical questions you havedue to the fact that, that they manage a different integration with our API and the Visa Developer Portal. 


Thank you, 


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