Re: Id there a Transaction Notification API?


Id there a Transaction Notification API?

Hello I'm part of a Fintech startup team and we are looking for a VISA api, equivalent to the API by Mastercard. We are looking to build a rewards program that can automatically track the customer spend at a merchant and award points to it. (Looking build this in India)

We did find the that the "Visa Transaction Control" API was the closest match but it seems to only be for issuer banks unlike the Mastercard API that allows their transaction APIs to Third party, independent developers or startups. 

But i did see companies like Fidel API, Receipthero having access to such transaction information from Visa as well. So was wondering if we were missing the API or maybe there is a way to get access to VTC API for third party or startups


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Re: Id there a Transaction Notification API?

Thank you for reaching out, @sasankd! An agent will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community member knows the solution, please reply here. -Jenn

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Re: Id there a Transaction Notification API?

Hi @sasankd


The Visa Transaction Controls (VTC) APIs can be used by any developer in the Sandbox. Currently, only issuers and their partner service providers can use the VTC APIs in Production. If you are a small business/partner, then you will need authorization or sponsorship from the issuer (banks) to use the VTC API.