Necesito cominicarme


Necesito cominicarme

Por favor me gustaria tener numeros de contacto con el fin de aclarar dudas sobre tarifas y definir la mejor metodología de implementación 

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Necesito cominicarme

Hey @jaloncosiac,


Can you please let us know the API that you are interested in using for your project? Please go to our API Browser page to see a list of our APIs here -


Visa Developer Support is typically provided using email communication only. Can you please let us know the questions that you have for us and I'd be happy to help answer them. You can also contact Visa Developer Support at .


Visa Developer is an open platform that let's you develop your application in sandbox for free. When you're ready to use the APIs in production, then there are fees for each of the APIs that are used. 




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