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Offline Payment



In our travel agency, our customers started to use offline payments instead of regular payment methods.  We received notifications that include our business card number, expiration date, country, amount, authorization code and the expiration date.


I would like to know what kind of solution or API should we use to collect the payment as a business solution to satisfy this payment method as preferred by our customers.


Thanks for all the guidance you may provide.

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Re: Offline Payment

Hi @Mario
You can use UPI method to collect money. It is the easiest way to think of UPI is that it is a payment method to transfer money between two parties.
It is similar to NEFT & RTGS transfers in that way. Even though it is being promoted as a "Payment Interface" and an API, it is easier to think of it as a way to transfer money.

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Re: Offline Payment

Hey @Mario ,


Please take a look at our API Browser page for a list of our APIs - 
Here’s the link to Payment Methods APIs, that will be a good fit for the payments use case -      


Once you find the API that would be a good fit for your project app, please follow the Working with Visa APIs guide to get started here - 



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