Payment Processing & Records

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Payment Processing & Records

I have integrated visa checkout (sandbox) system on my website, but having some queries regarding the following:

1) After visa checkout lightbox success response (encrypted payload) how do I process my payments(Api details)

2) Where do find out my transactions on sandbox account, I mean to say where to find my transaction history.

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Re: Payment Processing & Records

Hey @jackyson,


I'm happy to help answer this question. The Visa Checkout team does not accept direct merchant. You will need to work with a partner in order to integrate Visa Checkout into your project.

You can find the list of Partners to integrate with Visa Checkout here: 

Please note, partners handle integrations on their end and will be able to help you with any technical questions you have, due to the fact that, that they manage a different integration with our API and the Visa Developer Portal. 




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