Test QuestionWhere to start with learning how to use API's?

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Test QuestionWhere to start with learning how to use API's?

Hello. I'm a web developer, in training I guess lol, thats teaching himself how to build websites. So far I got pretty good at building nice websites using purely HTML and CSS and a little bit of JavaScript for some cool effects. I mainly use bootstrap as I find it super clean and learned a bunch from looking at free templates and stuff.

Anyway now I want to try to take it a step further. I want to dabble into API's. I watched a few videos and understand what they are and I feel like it's an important skill to know how to use them.

So my first "Project" I gave myself was to use the API of Amazon and Walmart and simply build a page where I type in let's say "iPhone 7" and it goes and searches it and get's the most relevant result from each respective store and shows it on my page with it's price, picture and what not so I can see where I can find it for cheaper rather than having to open two tabs and search on both sites.


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Re: Test QuestionWhere to start with learning how to use API's?

Hello @Jasonsingh,


Thank you for your interest in the Visa Developer program. Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case.


Please follow the steps in the “Working with Visa APIs” link below to register and create a Visa Developer application.


This guide walks you through the key steps for application creation, credentials, and connection validation.


If you are ready after testing your App in sandbox, send us a production request and we will evaluate your Application and other credentials. Please let us know of any other questions.




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Re: Test QuestionWhere to start with learning how to use API's?

APIs on Code Camp!

You will get hands-on experience with a few popular web APIs, including APIs from Spotify and Twilio. As long as you know the absolute basics of coding and the web, you'll have no problem following along. 9apps

In the first section of the course (Unit 1), you'll learn what an API is and get an overview of how the web works. In the second section (Unit 2), you will start to explore APIs online. You will learn how to use Postman and helper libraries in both JavaScript and Python. In the final section (Unit 3), you will lean how to create a project using an API using both Node.js and Flask.