Visa Direct availability

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Visa Direct availability

I have posted a question 2 weeks ago regarding Visa Direct availability.

It was answered by @

After that I tried to get some update on the progress but without success.


You can read the original question at:

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Re: Visa Direct availability

Hello @Wilson


Please engage with acquirers not issuing banks in orer to use Visa Direct. Visa Direct will work to all Visa cards in Portugal – currently funds will not be posted in real time but this should become available this year. 


The API is designed for clients which are able to settle with Visa and have reporting, reconciliation and exception handling capabilities.

Whilst you can look for an Acquirer to sponsor you, most will not support this unless you are of significant size.


I recommend you connect to an acquirers API which can provide a full service for you. Most acquirers in Europe are passported to support all countries including Portugal. You can try reaching out to Ecommpay, CardPay, Emerchantpay for example but there a number of acquirers you can try.


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