api call in vue js

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api call in vue js

I am calling funds transfer api in vue js by axios and its giving "blocked by cors policy" i wants know that can i call api in vue js axios as in docs its showing option for node js not for vue js.

Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: api call in vue js

Hi @ghias,


I am not familiar with vue js and I apologize that I cannot help you out on what this error means. You should be able to develop your app using any programming language and connect to the Visa Developer APIs. However, I recommend that you use an API client like Postman or SOAP UI to quickly test your VDP project credentials and connection to the APIs, and see sample request/response to understand the API structure. You may also want to check out our very own VDC Playground tool. 


You can find the guide on Getting Started with VDC Playground from this blog post here: https://developer.visa.com/pages/visa-developer-center-playground


Here's a webinar on how to Configure Two-way SSL with openSSL and test on Postman:



Hope this helps! Have a wonderful weekend!


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