Funds trasfer api

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Funds trasfer api

I am testing

from transferring amount form one one visa card to another ,but as its documentation provided we can transfer amount from amount by account number  ,not asking for cvc number etc ,then we can transfer amount from some one else 's account to my account just by account number ,how is it working ,kindly let me know?

Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Funds trasfer api

Hi @ghias,


Visa Direct provides capability to do person-to-person funds transfer. Please access the link below for details, the required parameters for the POST request payloads, and what gets returned in the response.


Generally, the request payload for the POST request requires

  • An Acquiring BIN and its Country Code
  • Business Application Identifier
  • Information about an individual sender or sending entity

Again, please access the above link for the details. 






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