connect visa checkout and push funds post api

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connect visa checkout and push funds post api

i Have to transfer visa to visa as push funds transfer in doing it it think and on front end i am using visa checkout .i want to ask that can i use push fund transfer post api to process visa checkout payment,as my  target is visa direct payment ?

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Re: connect visa checkout and push funds post api

Hi @ghias,


Visa Checkout and Visa Direct are two different payment services.


Visa Checkout provides a single sign-in service to pay for online shopping purchases. It is simply a digital payment service designed to simplify the checkout experience using a secure, single sign-on across multiple retailers with a click of a button. Please review the Visa Checkout documentation here. In order to use Visa Checkout, you will need to work with a partner in order to integrate Visa Checkout into your project. You can find the list of Partners to integrate with Visa Checkout here.    




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