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newbie with doubts

hi there, i'm newbie in this world of visa developer, i'm really interesting on provide credit/debit card for mi users... obviusly with the respective legal regulations and risk managment. too enable this users create virtual cards linked to existent cards to allow him create other cards as security method, this users can disable in wich ways they can use this cards, for example, only for website payments, withdraws in ATMS, etc...


i'm reading the docs and i found some really interesting fonts. for example: 


visa card program errollment (VCPE) for create debit and credit cards....


anyone have a list of visa service to solve this problemas and some postman request examples.


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Re: newbie with doubts

solve reading docs. lol
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Re: newbie with doubts

Hi @notnode,


Great to hear that your question is solved. Here's some useful links to help you get started.

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