"Personal Account Number cannot be decrypted" error

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"Personal Account Number cannot be decrypted" error

Hi all,

I've got an error when calling Matched Eligible Installment Plans API


POST https://sandbox.api.visa.com/installments/v2/plans/match?apiKey=API_KEY
Content-Type: application/json
x-pay-token: xv2:1690949911:da8d3ef8de0a1df1175db21c8733b7fc439e3c7548d4ba61c05d1672873fb7c4
x-correlation-id: S5JAIEFUNBXH_SC

  "encAccountNumber": "eyJhbGciOiJBMjU2R0NNS1ciLCJpdiI6ImlIYXZpVF80YWUxRnVfNnAiLCJ0YWciOiJFcFFqZ2tNMHJodDBkT3p1LVRZSDdRIiwiZW5jIjoiQTI1NkdDTSIsImtpZCI6IkdVOTJSN0NCT1lWT01RQjdMN0ExMjFUa0NpN3E4aUEybThOVTBBNjBTVVhhbks1S0kifQ.f_qtPqBg5Juc7ZL2IjP40KKsh5rEbEJYCp4Y7CWNDqs.luzvvllDpOPn7cQj.FEImkKwqCznDeWevJ1m7JA.0aRmcTlE6U2e-ViWcpor7A",
  "transactionAmount": 50000,
  "transactionCurrency": "AUD"


Got the error:


  "errorResponse": {
    "status": 400,
    "reason": "invalidRequest",
    "message": "Request validation failed.",
    "details": [
        "location": "encAccountNumber",
        "message": "Personal Account Number cannot be decrypted."


I'm using 4111222233334444 as a test card number (PAN). 

The helloworld endpoint works fine

Can someone please help me? 

Thanks in advance

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Re: "Personal Account Number cannot be decrypted" error

Hi, @alex_at_payfurlThank you for reaching out! An agent is looking into this and will get back to you soon. If any community members know of a solution, please feel free to reply here. 

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Re: "Personal Account Number cannot be decrypted" error

Thank you, Jenn, for your response. I believe I have found the solution to the issue, and I'd like to share it here for anyone who might be looking for it. There were two main issues I encountered:

  1. Visa provides two different pairs of keys: one for X-Pay Token and another for Encryption. I had to use the second one to resolve the problem.

  2. To test the implementation, it is necessary to provide a testing PAN (Primary Account Number) issued by Visa. I assume that the test PAN needs to be installed into your dashboard or something like that.

I hope this information proves helpful for future seekers facing a similar problem.

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Re: "Personal Account Number cannot be decrypted" error

Hi @alex_at_payfurl,


Thanks for sharing your solution with us. We really appreciate this 😀 



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