VISA Prepaid Cards

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VISA Prepaid Cards

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We are building a Digital Wallet that allows users to load money into their wallet which can be redeemed at various Value Added Centers.


We would like to know if we can include a Pre-Paid Card (Like a Gift card) similar to what they do. Users will pre-load their money and can be redeemed at any VISA accepted Merchant.


Who could i speak to for more information on which API's to use and how we can integrate your Loyalty Products in our value offering?

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa

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Re: VISA Prepaid Cards /difficulties

I am also a little annoyed by the whole not so simple procedure to obtain certificates or other authorization to issue rechargeable prepaid cards to my unbanked customers.
With my teams of developers, we have developed a device that meets a need for unbanked people in all countries, but it says it comes with a prepaid card. the bin sponsors apart from the high prices of their service, remain insensitive and the circle is kept very closed in this area. I have asked questions and I am awaiting the answers to know how to move forward on my project which is only waiting for these approvals to order from my suppliers / printers.

Especially since our system is completely outside the non-essential banking systems for our socially and economically deprived customers.
our platform is almost complete. We could debate it and see if we can work together