Certificate expiration

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Certificate expiration



Our production certificate will expire soon and I was just issued a new certificate. However, I download a pem file - but no private key, and can't add it to our JKS file. How do we get the private key pem file? Or - how can I add the new certificate file to our JKS file?

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Re: Certificate expiration

Hello @liran,


Please check the folder where you generated CSR file for certificate renewal request. Private Key gets generated when you generate CSR file. If you used openssl to generate CSR file then the below command would have generated private key. In this example it is example-key.pem.
openssl genrsa -out example-key.pem 2048. If you would have generated CSR using Keytool, then your clientkeystore.jks file will have the private key for this renewed certificate. If you still have questions and since you are in production, please do drop a note to developer@visa.com with the VDP Project name. We will have our post production support team reach out to you for additional help as required.
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