Global ATM Locator (Sandbox) - 404 error


Global ATM Locator (Sandbox) - 404 error

Been trying to POST data to, but consistently getting a 404 response.  I've read through other posts in the community, but it's clear that this endpoint exists.  I'm calling it with request data that is in my account in the sandbox (from my Dashboard page in the Test Data section), so according to documentation, there should be data for the API to return to me.


I'm sure that I have followed the 2-way SSL handshake steps correctly, because I've generated the p12 certificate, and was able to communicate with the /vdp/helloworld endpoint successfully using that certificate.


My request data looks like this:  


      "placeName":"1 Bigelow Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15219"


However, even if I supply to request body at all, I still get a 404 response.   Any advice?



Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Global ATM Locator (Sandbox) - 404 error

Hello @nealpatel,                              


404 is the NOT FOUND error. The project is trying to hit an endpoint that does not exist. Refer to the API documentation to validate you are hitting the right endpoint.


For information on 404, you can also refer to Visa Developer Error Codes -


If the error persists, please submit this inquiry to and they will ask you to provide additional information.




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