Http 400 - Expected input credentials was not present - 9124


Http 400 - Expected input credentials was not present - 9124

I am trying to register PAN to Consumer Transaction Controller using Mutual SSL and user credentials. However, I am getting an a response of HTTP 400 bad request which is misleading. The payload seems to align with CTC request sample. I was expecting a 401 for user credentials or SSL certificate mismatch. Any help would be much appreciated

Here is the response from Visa: HttpResponseProxy{HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request [X-SERVED-BY: l55c014, X-CORRELATION-ID: 1506573183_865_84_l55c014_VDP_ARM, X-APP-STATUS: 400, ] ResponseEntityProxy{[Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8,Content-Length: 130,Chunked: false]}}


{"responseStatus":{"code":"9124","severity":"ERROR","message":"Expected input credential was not present","info":"","status":400}}

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Re: Http 400 - Expected input credentials was not present - 9124

Hi Chid,
This error can occur mostly with Java or java technology based middleware tools when it is unable to open the JKS file (or the private key inside the jks file) in order to establish the SSL connectivity with Visa.

In order to investigate further, kindly provide us the following information.

Also please follow the steps mentioned further below and advise with the results.


1. Project name and project owner email address in VDP
2. What is the technology you are using to invoke the API?
Ex: Java/Python/PHP or any middleware tool such as Datapower,SoapUI, etc

3. Do you use a JKS file?

4. Runtime environment? (Windows/unix/anyother)

STEPS (Applicable only if you are using a JKS File)

1. Please check the JKS file has read access and the paths are properly set.

2. Please check all the certificates has been added to the JKS file. Following are the required certificates assuming you are testing in Sandbox environment.
        a) VISA Root certificate
        b) Geotrust Certificate
        c) Application Certificate file
        d) Private key file (in p12 format)


3. JKS file password and private key password is same



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Re: Http 400 - Expected input credentials was not present - 9124

Can a BKS be used instead of JKS keystore? is JKS a requirement?