Help with x-pay-token - oken Expire

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Help with x-pay-token - oken Expire

Hi guys,


could someone please help me? I've generated thex-pay-token with SOAPUI and tried this command but i always receive this msg that the token is Expired, what could de wrong?


curl -H "content-type: application/json" -H "x-pay-token: xv2:1493872431:805fc55c1214e7fe39180e98d53f296efe1e6c37cef417da1436bf72a7455711" ""
{"responseStatus":{"message":"Token Expired","status":401}}

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Re: Help with x-pay-token - oken Expire

Few things to note while generating token:

  1. Please follow getting started documentation to generate a valid token.
  2. APIkey in the url query param should be same as the one used to generate xpayToken
  3. “resourcePath” sent in the xpaytoken has to be as per the documentation (eg: for keys à payments/flex/v1/keys).
  4. Payload sent in the request payload should exactly match along with spaces to the “requestBody” value used in xpaytoken.


Please let me know if thi sis helpful.