How to run the Hello World API with Mutual SSL on Postman

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How to run the Hello World API with Mutual SSL on Postman

In this "How-to" guide we will show you how to run the Visa Hello World API with Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) on Postman. The Hello World API is a simple API for testing the connectivity with the Visa Network.


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How to Create a Visa Developer Project


Before you are able to run the “Hello World” Project, you must create a Visa Developer Portal (VDP) project and get credentials. If you haven't registered yet just click on register here, fill out the account information, agree to the terms and conditions and click on receive emails. Once you have successfully activated your account, you will see your dashboard and you are ready to go.




Once you are there, click on create your first project if this is your first project.  On the next page, you will be asked for details, such as project name, description and a list of APIs to choose from.




For this tutorial, we're going to select “Visa Direct” and click create project.





How to get Credentials


After creating your project, you will be redirected to the project summary page. You can obtain your project credentials by browsing the left side navigation menu of your project and click on “Credentials”.




What is required for the Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication)?


To be able to make an API call with 2-way SSL authentication, you need to have the following:


  1. User ID
  2. Password
  3. Your client cert
  4. Your private key previously downloaded
  5. Visa Development Platform Certificate




You will need to download the project certificate as well as the common certificates - Visa Developer Platform certificate and DigiCert Certificate and save them in the correct directory. 



How to run the Hello World API with Mutual SSL on Postman


Next, we'll show you how to run the “Hello World API” with Mutual SSL on Postman.  Postman is a free and open source API development and testing solution, and can be can be downloaded using below link:


Step 1 - Launch Postman


  • Create a collection and named it "VISA" (or any other name)




  • Create a new request by click on the "New" buttion and click "Request"




  • Name the request "helloworld" and choose the collection name "VISA" or what the name you have provided.








Step 2 - Configure 2-Way (Mutual) SSL



  • Open the postman Settings 




  • Click on the Certificates tab to import your certificate and key file.


Enter the host:

And browser your client certificate and key file and click “Add”.



Step 3 - Configure API credentials


  • Click on the Authorization Tab and select "Basic Auth"




  • Enter your Username and Password for basic authentication.





Step 4 - Make API Call


  • Click Send button to make the API Call. You should see the response in JSON






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Written by: @shameem@jmedlen, & @mprsic