Re: Make mutual ssl request through mVisa sdk

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Make mutual ssl request through mVisa sdk


I have several questions about mVisa, will be grateful for the answers


1) I launched sample app from mVisa ios platform and it works good, but i don't understand secutity part.

mVisa is a part of Visa Direct which APIs works through mutual ssl, should I add certificate to my app and sign request by myself or SDK do it for me?



2) Can I track mVisa(Visa Direct) transactions somewhere, like ebctest for cybersource?


3) In sample app I made payment to merchant in offline and payment completed successfully, does it mean that the actual request wasn't sent to visa (test server)?


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Re: Make mutual ssl request through mVisa sdk



Thanks for posting your question.  Please visit our Getting Started with Visa Developer page at, for information on SSL.


All of the Visa Direct APIs use mutual SSL authentication and channel encryption, which requires you to provide a user name and password as well as install an X509 security certificate issued by Visa. Test credentials can be obtained online in your Project Dashboard for sandbox testing. Production credentials will be supplied to you as part of production on-boarding. Contact for more information or to begin the production on-boarding process.


For information on Visa Direct transactions please navigate to this link:




Visa Developer Team



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