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Test Question

Hi, I have some issues with x-pay-token while trying to "GenerateKey" in Secure Acceptance Flexible Token API. I have tried many times but seems like it's not getting better.  What I tried are:

1. Using sample code from documentation page to generate x-pay-token.

2. The request info:


  • resource_path: payments/flex/v1/keys
  • query_string:  apikey=myAppKey
  • request_body: "\"encryptionType\": \"RsaOaep256\""

 3. My generated x-pay-token looks like xv2:1526354851:ee3292d8818536c3ba231e1c425ae7dc340e4edbc218eb362f81106d0387d115

4. I'm using postman to make a request.

Here's the response that I always receive:


    "responseStatus": {
        "code": "9102",
        "severity": "ERROR",
        "info": "",
        "status": 401,
        "message": "Token validation failed"

 I really have no idea what was wrong for my request. Please help me to feature out. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Test Question

Hi @hicurin,


If you are a developer testing on v1 CyberSource APIs then this version was recently deprecated. You will need to move to v2 CyberSource APIs going forward. 




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