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I am getting below response for my POST API (vtis/v1/pan/retrieveTokenInfo)

    "responseStatus": {
        "message""Token Validation Failed",
seem like x-pay token is not valid.
I have checked hello world its working fine for me. but the POST API(vtis/v1/pan/retrieveTokenInfo) is giving me the error
request body: 

resource path : 

am i doing something wrong here?
while running above in postman i am passing the same request body.
i have one doubt as well, while generating the x-pay-token in request body what do we have to give?
because i dont have panreference in my requirement i have pan number..
do we have to pass the plain pan number or encrypted pan number while generating the x-pay-token?


Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: VTS LCM/Inquiry API

Hi @manish_shahani,


Please refer to the Visa Developer Error Codes page. 

AuthN Error Codes


Depending on the authentication/encryption mechanism being used, this could be due any of the following reasons. If you are unable to root-cause the same from the possible reasons below, please contact Visa Support at developer@visa.com with the details of the error message, and full http request, response details.

Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication):

  • Authorization Header missing in the request.
  • Authorization Header in invalid format. It either does not start with 'Basic' or the userId or password fields are blank.
  • UserId or Password or Subject DN on the certificate is invalid.
  • You could be presenting a wrong client certificate for that environment.

X-Pay Token:

  • x-pay-token is blank or not in valid format.
  • Timestamp field not in valid UTC timestamp format.
  • Version field is invalid.
  • Token's timestamp is more than 8 minutes off from the current time.
  • Token hash mismatch.
  • APIKey not present in request.
  • APIKey is not active.
  • APIKey not valid.
  • APIKey not active.
  • The request contains an older version of x-pay-token than supported by the API/project. Please upgrade to the latest supported version. Consult the VDP Getting Started Guide for the same.


  • JWE Token format is invalid.
  • Kid not present in the token.
  • Token validation against Shared secret failed.
  • JWT Grant Type or Token value is either missing, empty or has multiple values.


  • JWS token validation failed.
  • Kid extraction from header failed.
  • JWT Grant Type or Token value is either missing, empty or has multiple values.
  • Kid missing in JWS header.


  • JWT prefix not in proper format.
  • JWT in Request Body not a well-formed JSON.
  • JWT does not contain grant type field or grant type field is blank.
  • JWT does not contain assertions field or assertions field is blank.
  • JWT token value does not start with the appropriate bearer_JWT prefix.
  • APIKey is not active.
  • APIKey not valid.
  • APIKey not active.

This could be due to any of the following scenarios in Message Level Encryption (JWE):

  • KeyId in request is invalid.
  • KeyId not present in the request (JWE Header/Request Header).
  • JWE payload element in request is not in the proper format.
  • JWE token does not have iat header or token has expired.


  • Request has more than one authentication tokens which is not supported.
  • Incoming http request does not contain any of the required authentication tokens for this API.



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