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API Selection

I want to create an internet service,
which technically will carry out money transfers between users (between cards).
In turn, I would like to receive a small reward from each transaction.
I drew attention to VISA DIRECT API.
Tell me please, do I understand correctly what I need for this?

The service does not sell any goods and services,
it is simply an intermediary, something like a social network.
Users will pay for each other for services or products that do not belong to the service.

What is needed for this?
What expenses will I meet?

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Re: API Selection



Thanks for being part of the Visa Developer Community! I'm excited to help you out with these questions but before you take the plunge into moving forward with Visa Direct APIs, have you read the Visa Direct documentation via the link below yet?


Visa Direct documentation



There's some really important information on the Visa Direct documentation located in the first few paragraphs and highlighted in yellow, that discuss Visa Direct requirements.


After reading the documentation and if you meet the requirements highlighted in yellow, please fill out the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire and submit it to the email address listed on that form.


In regards to Visa Direct pricing and expenses, because we are an open platform, there is no cost to you to develop your application using any of the APIs in the sandbox.  When you are ready to transition to production use of the APIs, there are fees for each of the APIs that are used.  Fees are evaluated by application, as they are a function of many elements, including the nature of your application and your relationship with any existing Visa partner(s).  We treat production applications on a case-by-case basis and work with you to determine appropriate pricing.  


Please reach out if you have any questions or feel free to submit a new post to the community forum and someone will work with you to answer your questions.


Thank you,




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Re: API Selection

I looked at the documentation, now there is a diagram of my actions.
It's not as simple as I imagined, there are questions.
Here for example there is a paragraph:

An Acquiring BIN and its Country Code. This is the Bank Identification Number (BIN) that is used to clear and settle the transaction within Visa and the country in which it is licensed for use. If you are a financial institution (or have a Visa acquirer POS license), you can decide which of your licensed BINs you will use for funds transfer activity. This should be a unique BIN that is not shared with any other Visa service. If you are a sponsored third-party Originator, your sponsoring financial institution will assign an Acquiring BIN to you when you establish your acquiring relationship with them. You can obtain a test Acquiring BIN on your Project Dashboard for use in sandbox testing, but you will need to register your actual Acquiring BIN(s) with Visa during production onboarding.


Clarify to me.
I need to have several such BIN,
for conducting transactions in different countries?
For example, if the sender of funds has a European bank card,
then BIN is also an european bank?

This is the first thing that is not yet clear to me.
It turns out that similar applications for the transfer of funds, for example,
Have the necessary number of BINs for each country or region?


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I don't think that its possbile to charge additional fees for transfers directly using API. But you can talk to the sponsor and see if there is a way for doing this.