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Create a marketplace application

Good day,

I am a Bahamian citizen and all of the local banks here mostly issue Visa branded cards to their clients. I am interested in the idea of creating an application that would allow merchants to sell tickets, coupons, or vouchers for events that they are hosting. I also want this application to have the capability to deposit the proceeds of that event to the host's local bank account.


I am under the impression that Visa direct would allow me to accomplish this goal, allong with visa checkout. However upon reading the documentation for Visa Direct it appears that

           "All Visa Direct programs require the originator to be a licensed Visa acquirer or be sponsored by a licensed Visa acquirer who is ready and able to sponsor Visa Direct programs."


Upon asking my bank about being sponsored they had no idea of what I was taling about. With that being said how do I become a licensed Visa acquirer?


Also please correct me if am wrong and be gracious and kind enough to point me in the correct direction to facilitate the development of this application.



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Re: Create a marketplace application



Thanks for posting your question to the community forum. To learn more about Visa acquiring please navigate to - When contacting a Visa licensed acquirer, make sure to tell them you're looking for a Visa Direct acquirer. That's because not all Visa licensed acquirers are enabled to sponsor Visa Direct programs.


In regards to Visa Checkout, please submit your inquiry to and someone will reach out to you soon!

Thank you,



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