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Doing contactless with online PIN

Hi, which API has Contactless card processing? Say I want to develop an application that accepts POS initiated contactless transactions. It should involve authorization with PIN. Thank you.

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Re: Doing contactless with online PIN

Hi @Marydil,                              


Please check our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case via this link -
Visa Token Services might be a good fit for taking contactless card payments using a mobile device. We have Card-On-File" (COF) functionality available on the Portal and these are the APIs that enable provisioning and use of tokens for HCE-based contactless (NFC) payments and for in-app purchases using tokens provisioned to a mobile device. Please see the Visa Token Service documentation provided below.
In addition to that, Visa Chip Simulation Service enables simulation of contact and contactless transactions based on Visa chip standards, and may serve as a test simulation for chip and mobile transaction applications. Please refer to the Visa Chip Simulation Service documentation for more details.
Visa Token Service
Visa Chip Simulation Service




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