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Getting card attributes from Card Number

I am trying to integrate the Payment Account Attributes Inquiry API to my android application.

I want to know if there is a method which gives me all the card attributes.
I want to send the card number and get the all the card attributes in response.
The response card attributes must include type of card, bank issuer, expiry date, card holder name. Please inform me about the other response values which I can receive by sending the card number.

Please inform me which API I should use, if I am not using the right one, and what parameters I should pass to the API.

I also want to use Visa Merchant Offers API. Please also tell me what parameteres I need to pass for the same. I want to list all the offers available for a particular card number from all the merchants.

Re: Getting card attributes from Card Number

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Re: Getting card attributes from Card Number

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