We work with multiple small business including restaurant chains. We are trying to enable merchants to provide directly statement credit to customers if they use visa card within specific duration with minimum spending in their stores. 


Any API available where we can submit merchant offers to Visa in an automated way. We will work with Merchants to identify the offer and share the offer to Visa using Visa Offer API, if available. 


Also, any process or guidelines to onboard a merchant, so that we can continue to provide monthly and seasonal offers.



Plazeo Team

Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Merchant

Hey @gopi-plazeo
I'm happy to help you find an API that will be a good fit for your use case. To get started, please take a look at our API Browser for APIs relevant to your project - 
Per your cashback use case, I would recommend you to take a look at our Offers and Benefits APIs. In particular, if you’re looking for cash back I would recommend the Visa Offers Platform Rewards API, which allows the integrated client to request Visa Offers Platform to issue statement credit to the enrolled card. Please look at the documentation links below and let us know the API that would be a good fit.
Offers and Benefits APIs can help you access certain data to enable you to deliver relevant offers to your customers. 
Visa Offers Platform provides partners access to qualified Visa transaction data of enrolled cardholders. By integrating with the Visa Offers Platform, partners can enhance their own loyalty and offer programs in new and powerful ways.  
Visa Card Eligibility Service can enable Visa client, merchants and developers to check for eligibility to offers and benefits based on the card number subject to terms and restrictions. The eligibility criteria may range from broad to more granular card attributes.  
The Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center (VMORC) is a central offer repository that gives an easy way to promote merchant offers to their cardholders.  




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