Right API choise

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Right API choise

Dear all,


I want to build an application for consumer card transactions.

For example, my application will offer an opportunity to its users of receiving immediate notifications about the purchases they do with their cards.

Can you suggest to me, which API I have to use to achieve my goal?


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Visa Dev Moderator

Re: Right API choise

Hey @Hrach,


For your use case on notifications, I would recommend you to use Visa Transaction Controls (VTC). Please see the links below for more information on VTC.  


VTC Overview - https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/vctc

VTC Docs - https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/vctc/docs-getting-started

How to Use Visa Transaction Controls - https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/vctc/docs-how-to

VTC API Reference - https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/vctc/reference


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