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Use Case: Card on/off

Looking into possible ways to turn a card "off" and then back "on". For simplicity sake let's say all transactions will be disabled.


One option is of course the Transaction Controls and setting...

globalControls.shouldDeclineAll = true

"globalControls": [
        "shouldTargetSpecificCard": false,
        "userIdentifier": "0123456789"
        "shouldAlertOnDecline": true,
        "shouldDeclineAll": true,
        "isControlEnabled": true

 The other thought I had was possibly using the Digital Card and Account Services Card Services POST API...{cardId}/cardstatus

"cardStatus": "Blocked"

Not sure what the various statuses are at this point so making that one up. 



Thoughts on the different approaches? 

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Re: Use Case: Card on/off

Hello - thanks for your question. The Visa Transaction Control product is definitely the one that you would want to look at for your use case of freezing/unfreezing cards. The DCAS product does not have this functionality.

Visa Transaction Control documentation:


Thank you


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