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VROL : API to raise dispute



Is there any VISA API available for raising chargeback?

Visa Cardholder Purchase Inquiry (VCPI) is just for the purchase Inquiry. After reviewing the purchase Inquiry details now If cardholder wants to raise a chargeback is there any API available?




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Re: VROL : API to raise dispute

Hey MS,
Per your use case on chargebacks, I would recommend you to use Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry API.


Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry -
VMPI enables Visa Merchants the ability to respond to cardholder inquiries around unrecognized transactions PRIOR to a chargeback/dispute by providing relevant supplemental merchant information, in close to real-time.
You can also take a look at our website for specific APIs relevant to your business case.
Since you're interested in chargebacks, please see the below APIs that can also handle chargebacks.
Merchant Measurement -
One of the key features are to enhance analytic services with metrics on sales performance, chargebacks and customers. For example, by using an aggregated and deidentified transaction dataset, you can compare sales growth and chargeback performance.
Visa Checkout -
Can process chargebacks.
CyberSource Payments -
Chargeback fees. When customers dispute charges to their accounts, you can incur chargebacks. A chargeback occurs when a charge on a customer’s account is reversed. Your merchant bank removes the money from your account and could charge you a fee for the chargeback.
Visa Direct -
The Reports API provides reporting capabilities such as transaction reconciliation data in the API response. The data needed for reconciliation includes both push (OCT) and pull (AFT) transaction details and any exceptions such as chargebacks and reversals. This data is provided to allow you to reconcile the transactions sent by your systems with what was processed through Visa and may be used solely for such purposes.
The Query API allows service providers to query in real-time the processing status of Visa Direct (Account Funding and Original Credit) transactions as well as other related transactions that are part of the Visa Direct suite of transactions (Reversals, Adjustments, Chargebacks and Re-presentments).
VisaNet Data Services -
Chargeback Reason Code: Lists all of the BASE II chargeback reason codes.


Have a nice day!


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