Re: Visa + Ethereum. Is it possible to?

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Visa + Ethereum. Is it possible to?

Is it possible to use the visa center to create virtual cards and automate payment processes between accounts in a real Visa network?

What you need to achieve the goal:
1. Creation of the main account in the payment system.
2. Creating virtual Visa cards.
3. Interaction between the main account and subsidiary accounts with a dynamically changing limit depending on external indicators, namely the balance of another payment system.

Integration of two payment systems into one.

Visa + Ethereum


Is it possible to do this using the api developer visa center?

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Re: Visa + Ethereum. Is it possible to?

Hey @georgetokach,


The closest thing to a virtual card is Visa Token Services. VTS is a restricted product but it is possible for you to gain content access. To gain content access, please submit an email to  and let us know that you're requesting VTS access.


VTS Overview - 



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Re: Visa + Ethereum. Is it possible to?

Thanks Diana.

I sent an email asking for access to Visa Token services.

May I not close the topic until they answer me? 🙂