Check it out - May 2020 Release Notes

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Check it out - May 2020 Release Notes

Hey everyone! We've just deployed VDP R2004 which includes the launch of the Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service, a new API for the Visa B2B Connect product, plus some pretty exciting new platform features including the ability to add APIs in a project that has already been promoted to cert of prod. 


For a comprehensive list of all the features we've been adding, see the full release note pages on the developer center (we've summarized it below for anyone who's too excited to click away). 


VDP - May 2020 Release


API Updates


  • Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service (VBASS) - it can enable eligible Visa clients and partners to look up the most current Visa BIN Information. Using VBASS, applications can access Issuer  BIN Attributes, which can help to build richer digital offerings and provide better customer experiences within the allowed use cases.


Refer to Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service for more details.


  • Visa B2B Connect now offers a new callback API called Payment Status Notification that can notify the originating or receiving bank about any changes in payment status. We also are now offering new enhancements to support Out-of-Network Payments. These APIs will ensure that payment instructions adhere to preliminary rules as specified by Visa Compliance and the additional of creditor fields relevant for out-of-network payments.


Refer to Visa B2B Connect for more details.



  • Visa Token Service Provisioning and Lifecycle Management - Network Hub Push Provisioning (NHPP) has been renamed as Visa Card Enrollment Hub (VCEH). The name Visa Card Enrollment Hub is clearer and more aligned with what it does — enrolling consumer’s payment credentials into a number of locations. This change does not reflect any changes to the product.


Refer to Visa Token Service Provisioning and Lifecycle Management for more details.


Platform Updates


  • Visa Developer PKI - An X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is implemented by Visa for issuing and managing digital certificates to be used in conjunction with Visa products and services. This PKI consists of a hierarchy of entities called CAs that issue certificates to “Subscribers” (that is, end-entities or other CAs) within the hierarchy. 

You can download the Visa Developer Platform public certificates used to identify Visa API endpoints.


Refer to Visa Developer PKI page for more details.


  • Edit Fully Promoted Project - Once your Visa Developer Project is fully promoted to the certification or production environment and you want to use additional Visa APIs, you can use Add APIs feature to promote the newly added APIs. Simply add the new Visa APIs in sandbox of your fully promoted project and once you are ready to promote your newly added APIs from the sandbox to the certification or production environment, initiate the process for going live and to commercialize your project.


Refer to Going Live > Edit Fully Promoted Project for more details.


  • Visa Developer Pricing - Pricing for Visa Developer Platform aims to charge our clients at the point where the capability provides value, for example, during a transaction, per API call, for a subscription, etc. Given the sheer variety of capabilities on our platform servicing multiple clients (issuers, processors, merchants, acquirers, FinTechs, independent developers, etc.), the pricing model is determined after examining the specific use case at hand.


Refer to Visa Developer Picing page for more details.


  • Visa Developer Commercailization - Developers can initiate their journey to go live by either engaging with their Visa representative or submitting a Project Promotion request (for their Sandbox project) through our Visa Developer Portal. The first phase of the Going-Live process, which we refer to as “Commercialization”, entails executing contractual terms that govern the pricing and licensing of Visa Developer Platform (VDP) APIs.


Refer to Visa Developer Commercialization page for more details.


  • API Reference User Experience - We have completely enhanced the API Reference experience to provide developers with easy navigation to all related product pages and made the code explorer more interactive. 


Use Case


  • Easy Benefit Eligibility Validation - Enable quick and easy validation of benefit eligibility based on the Visa card number to help provide a better cardholder experience.

Refer to Easy Benefit Eligibility Validation for more details.


As always, if you have any questions, ask below and we'll help you out. 




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