Community Badges: New to the Visa Developer Community

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Community Badges: New to the Visa Developer Community

Hi everyone,


We are excited to announce the addition of 25 new Visa Developer Community badges, offering you with new achievements you can strive for as you continue to engage with us and other developers in the Community.


Here’s the breakdown of the changes:


New Badge Names

Conversation Starter

First Kudo

First Topic

First Reply

Registration Badge


Note: Each badge will be awarded in increments of five, 25 total new badges this round. Once you do the action five times you will get one more.


How do I earn the badges?

For these first 5 it’s simple:

Conversation starter: post a comment on one of the articles, blogs or news announcements.

First Kudo: Someone thinks what you had to say is great, and they gave you a kudo!

First Topic: post a new topic/question on the forum

First Reply: Reply to someone’s question/topic on the forum


Where will the badges be showcased?

You may have noticed our new Community user profile page design. We have updated the page so you can show off the badges you earn.


Can I lose the badges I earn?

No. You worked hard for those badges, and we aren’t taking them away. All the badges you earn will remain on your Visa Developer Profile Page. 


How will I know when I get a new badge?

You will receive an email the moment you get the badge. Make sure you have allowed emails from: (need email)


Will more badges be added?

Yes! The more we grow the more badges we will have. We plan to have meetups, hackathons, webinars, online challenges and so much more – so make sure to keep an eye out for those announcements.


Have ideas on badges you want to see? Comment below.

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