Community Ranks: Launched on the Visa Developer Community

Community Scholar

Community Ranks: Launched on the Visa Developer Community

Hi everyone,


Along with new badges coming soon are also Community Ranks.


The Visa Developer Community ranking system is based on many undisclosed factors and is an indication of your involvement in the Visa Developer Community. If you continue to spend time on the forum, your rank will change. Post a comment on a blog, you will go further.


We will not disclose the ranking criteria to avoid anyone gaming the system.


Your Rank title is displayed beneath your profile picture and Community name:


List of ranks in the Visa Developer Community:

  1. Newbie
  2. Dabbler
  3. Occasional Visitor
  4. New Contributor
  5. Regular Visitor
  6. Helper  
  7. Regular Contributor
  8. Frequent Helper
  9. Valued Supporter
  10. Community Scholar


How can I rank up?

The easiest way, keep coming back and engage with questions, posts, blogs and so on. The rank structure was developer to compliment the wide variety of ways you engage with fellow Community members and the Visa Developer team.


I skipped a rank, is that normal?

Your journey through the rank system might not be straightforward as Newbie -> Dabbler -> Occasional Visitor. It is possible for you to skip from Newbie -> New Contributor -> Regular Visitor.


Have an idea on new ranks? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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