Customize Your Profile: Now Available on the Visa Developer Community

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Customize Your Profile: Now Available on the Visa Developer Community

Profile Plus creates a personalized experience Visa Developer Community users tailored to your actions and interests across social networks. Profile Plus is powered with Klout, which scores a user’s social influence across different social channels. The proprietary algorithms and the large volume of data on the Lithium platform create an unmatched community personalization engine.


In short, Profile Plus takes your community to the next level by creating a personalized community experience that enlists more participants. Members create more high-quality and relevant content, and other people benefit by finding answers faster. More questions being answered results in increasing community business value for your brand.

Benefits for members


Registered community members get a personalized experience and also shows content that is relevant to you. You get a Personalized Content Feed that surfaces relevant content, based on interactions on social networks. 




How to activitate Profile Plus

Before connecting to Profile Plus, registered community members and anonymous visitors see a Personalized Feed component on the Community Page that shows a prepopulated list of content based Klout recommendations. The component includes a call-to-action (CTA), which differs depending on the type of user viewing the page.


Anonymous users are prompted to either sign in or register with the community. 




Registered members who are signed in, are prompted to personalize their experience. 



Clicking Personalize in the Personalized Feed invites the user to link social networks via Linking social network profiles enables Profile Plus to find content relevant to the user. When the user clicks Connect, the user is connected and can now choose which social networks to link to his or her community profile on the Klout website.



After profiles are linked and the user clicks Done, the CTA is removed from the Personalized Feed and the component displays content tailored to the community member's activity across all associated channels. 


At any time after connecting with Profile Plus, a user can manage his or her Profile Plus settings from the Profile Plus subtab of the user's My Settings page (My Settings > Personal > Profile Plus). In this tab, the user can add and remove linked social channels via, select signature interests to display in the Profile Plus message header and hovercard, and disconnect from Profile Plus, if desired.  


 Comment below with any questions. 


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